AFD2 Fire Fighter Drone: Unleashing Rapid Response to Protect Lives and Extinguish Flames!

Equipped with cutting-edge sensors and thermal imaging technology, our fire fighting drones swiftly identify hotspots and deliver targeted extinguishing measures, minimizing damage and saving lives.

Aebocode Endurance

40 mins


5 Km

Operation Range
Total Weight

Less than 41 kg

Total Weight

4.5 kg

Pay load


Fail Safe Features

  • Return home on low battery
  • Return home on high winds
  • Return home on communication failure

GCS Application Software

  • Pre-flight self-checks
  • In-flight UAV health monitoring
  • Live Flight Parameters


It assess disaster areas, study wildlife, enhance security, and monitor critical infrastructure. By accessing remote and hazardous locations and providing real-time situational awareness.