AFD2 Fire Fighter Drone: Unleashing Rapid Response to Protect Lives and Extinguish Flames!

Equipped with cutting-edge sensors and thermal imaging technology, our fire fighting drones swiftly identify hotspots and deliver targeted extinguishing measures, minimizing damage and saving lives.

  • 3 - 12 Fire Extinguishing Balls

20 km

Operation Range

20 kg


40 mins


19 kg

Machine Weight


To enhance a fire-fighting drone's ball-catching capabilities, modify the gripping mechanism with stronger and flexible arms, install advanced sensors for real-time object detection and tracking, improve flight maneuverability, implement AI-based algorithms for trajectory prediction, and add a dedicated storage compartment for securely holding the caught balls during transportation.This mechanism should be designed to ensure a controlled and accurate release of the ball at the desired location.




Conduct your fire-fighting operation with us. Equip the AFD1 drone with an integrated surveillance system that includes high-resolution cameras, thermal imaging sensors, and possibly LIDAR technology.