Robotics and Coding

While every school wants to bring in robotics and coding for their students, many face challenges with the resources like: robotic kits and other technical challenges, but don't worry Aebocode brings you customized courses, robotic kits, and training. Our engineers and educators are actively reviewing and updating our offerings to ensure that we bring you the latest technologies, knowledge, and expertise. We bring you the flexible courses as per your requirement.

AEBO Courses

Obstacle Avoiding Robot

  • Introduction to Robotics
  • Introduction to Coding
  • IR Sensor
  • DC Motor
  • Arduino Uno
  • Motor Driving Board

Path Finding Robot

  • Liquid Crystal Display
  • Ultrasonic Sensors
  • Servo Motors
  • Mathematical Calculations
  • Real life Scenario based problem Statements

Soccer Bot

  • Bluetooth Module
  • Wireless Controller
  • Servo Motors
  • Soccer Flaps
  • Wireless Communication
  • Data transfer through wireless communication

The Emergency Bot

  • Robotic Arm
  • Complex Algorithm
  • Complex Calculations
  • Wireless Communication of String and integer values
  • Varibale Conversions

Artificial Intelligence Courses

Foundation of A.I.

Pi Car

Virtual Assisant

Self Driving Car

  • Introduction to Python as a programming language
  • Introduction to Variables,Lists, Tuples, Dictionaries
  • Introduction of Functions and Libraries
  • Introduction of A.I.
  • A simple image recognition task based on AI
  • Introduction to Raspberry Pi
  • Using GPIO pins and Integration them to LED's, Motors etc
  • Controlling the Robot using Raspberry Pi
  • Designing a complex GUI to include all the functions available in a daily car and implementing it
  • Introduction to File Handling in Python
  • Introduction text to speech and speech to text libraries
  • Developing a voice assistant to interact and do specific actions
  • Controlling the robot using the assistant
  • Communication
  • Introduction to Pi Camera
  • Introduction to OpenCV and playing with images
  • Developing an image recognition model to identify different road signals
  • Implementing the concept learnt to develop a self driving robot

The Game Design Courses

Basic Game Development

Animating the Game

Leveling Up


  • Introduction to fundamentals of programming
  • Introduction to Game Development
  • Introduction of physics and mathematical concepts like velocity, gravity etc
  • Design and Developing a platformer game
  • Introduction to image concepts such as resolution, frames etc
  • Introduction to animations
  • Adding idle animation to super hero
  • Adding moving and jumping animating
  • Introduction to advanced programming concepts such as arrays, functions etc
  • Adding different maps to the game
  • Developing a game with different level
  • Designing a game to become difficult as the score increases
  • Students participate in a competition to develop their own game using the concepts learnt in the previous terms